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Money in the Bank is once again upon us.  Next Sunday, the stakes has never been higher as the WWE World Heavyweight Title is on the line for the first time ever in a Money in the Bank ladder match.  In addition to that, a contract for a WWE World Heavyweight Title is also on the line in a separate ladder match.  As we look forward to next Sunday, let’s also take a look back and examine the numbers behind the Money in the Bank ladder match.


Of the Money in the Bank briefcase winners to successfully cash-in their briefcase, one of them stands tall as making the most of that opportunity.  Surprisingly, it was The Miz who was able to make the most of his cash-in, holding on to the WWE Title for 160 days. While others came close in their post cash-in reigns, The Miz stands tall atop the mountain of post cash-in success.


Picking your spot is a large part of the Money in the Bank briefcase advantage.  While Kane saw fit to cash in his briefcase the same night that he captured it, others, like Edge, saw fit to hold onto it for 280 days before seizing the opportunity.  While those are the extremes of this scenario, 91 days is the average before most Money in the Bank winners saw fit to cash-in.


86% is the success rate for Money in the Bank cash-ins.  Of the 14 Money in the Bank briefcases won, 12 of them have resulted in a World Title reign.  Up until 2012 there was a 100% success rate, until John Cena cashed in at RAW 1000 and won his title match via DQ, and Damien Sandow then failed the following year when he cashed in against none other than, John Cena.


47 different competitors have competed in the Money in the Bank ladder match throughout the last 9 years.  Ranging from those with less than stellar WWE careers such as Alex Riley and Sin Cara, to WWE Hall of Famers like Edge, Booker T, and Ric Flair


Money in the Bank is not only a way for new talents to make a splash, but it’s also a chance for former World Champions to reclaim glory.  17 former World Champions have stepped into the Money in the Bank match in the hopes of grabbing that briefcase and making themselves a fixture in the World Title scene once again.


Beginner’s luck could certainly be argued as an advantage in the Money in the Bank ladder match.  Of the 14 matches to date, 8 competitors have stepped into the ring for the first time that night, and climbed the ladder of success, both figuratively and literally as they grabbed the Money in the Bank briefcase in their first attempt.


For some, climbing the ladder in the Money in the Bank match, carries a very significant symbolic rise.  Of the 14 briefcase winners, half of them have gone on to claim their very first World Title upon their cash-in.  Names like Edge, Rob Van Dam, CM Punk, and Daniel Bryan all catapulted their way up the card on the back of a Money in the Bank victory.


While there are many competitors who have competed in multiple Money in the Bank matches, two competitors are true veterans in the match.  Kane has been involved in 6 of these matches, the pinnacle being winning the World Heavyweight Title briefcase in 2010, cashing in that night to defeat Rey Mysterio.  After truly re-inventing the ladder match through his tag team run with Edge, Christian has also competed in 6 Money in the Bank matches, but the briefcase has eluded him in each of his attempts.


They say that one is the loneliest number, and Mr. Kennedy can truly speak to that.  Of all the Money in the Bank winners, Kennedy was the only competitor to never actually have a chance to cash-in his briefcase.  After winning his briefcase at WrestleMania 23 in 2007, he held his briefcase for 36 days before losing to Edge in a match on RAW.  Edge then waited all of a day before cashing in his briefcase to defeat The Undertaker on Smackdown.

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