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The Twitterverse (as it’s sometimes called) is filled with wrestling personalities, organizations, and fans.  What I’m aiming to give you here are some accounts that might have fallen through the cracks in your wrestling follows.  I’m not gonna tell you that you should follow @CMPunk because his sometimes salty tweets and hilarious.  I’m not gonna say that you should follow @JohnCena because he’ll give you injury updates, and he thinks that @ESPN cares about his progress.  Some will be more mainstream than others (although none are from the “Big 2” or “Big 1.5” really), but either way I think these are all accounts that every wrestling fan should follow.

12. @Wrestling20Yrs – This is a project of @WrestleZone writer, @BobbyBamber.  Routinely they will live-tweet older events.  They do old episodes of RAW and events like ECW UltraClash ’93, SummerSlam ’93, Clash of the Champions 24, etc.  They provide full video links to make it easy to follow along with.    This is a UK-based account, so sometimes the timings are weird in the states, but if you happen to be around the Twitter when they’re going live it’s a fun ride. If you’re a nostalgic wrestling fan this is a must follow for you.  They will typically live-tweet a RAW show every Friday night, and events later this month include WCW Fall Brawl on the 20th of September.  They’ve also just started a podcast (which I will be checking out very soon) at Wrestling20Years.com.

11. @CodyHall_1 – The son of Scott Hall (@ScottHallNWO), if you like watching an up and comer rise to prominence this is the account for you.  He’s been making the rounds in both Florida and Georgia indies, and if he has half of the talent of his old man, he’ll be a force to reckon with in the WWE in years to come.

10. @ObserverQuotes – Dave Meltzer has been writing his Observer Newsletter since 1983.  He has a wealth of knowledge, as well as a wealth of sources within the business.  This account tweets quotes taken from the 1990’s issues of the Observer newsletter.  With gems like “Doink will be headlining many shows starting late February against Bret Hart for the title. [1/93]” how can you not be amused by this account?


9. @TopRopeTuesday – What wrestling fan doesn’t love going to an event and having the shirt that everyone points out?  Whether it be a vintage shirt from an event 10 years ago, or a homemade shirt, most wrestling fans don’t mind being the center of attention.  In fact, most of us actually crave it.  With that in mind, this is a great site for rare, unique shirts.  Each week on Tuesday (that must be where they got the idea for the name), they release a new shirt.  Each shirt design is only available for 7 days, and is retired after that.  Past designs include an “In Ring Weddings, Why Bother?” shirt, a heartthrob Dean Ambrose shirt, and a Punk/Wolverine design.  If you’re looking for a shirt that’s sure to make people ask “Where did you get that?” at the next live event, this is the site for you.  www.TopRopeTuesday.com

8. @SychoVicious – If you’re a long-time wrestling fan you’re well aware of this man’s career and presence in the industry for well over 20 years.  Sid Vicious, Sid Justice, Sycho Sid.  He’s main evented WrestleMania. He’s been a Horseman, he’s feuded with Sting, Hogan, Undertaker, Jake Roberts, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Bret Hart, and he of which we do not speak his name.  He’s been a WWE champion.  He wrestled in all of the “big 3” during the Monday Night Wars.  He broke his leg on live television.  He stabbed Arn Anderson with a pair of scissors.  Sid in all his incarnations has done it all.  Now he’s taken to the Twitter.  Whether he’s live-tweeting RAW, trolling @WWECameron, or claiming that John Cena buries everyone (which he deleted), I’ve gotten tons of entertainment from his tweets.


7. @BShopWindow – If you’ve been to a wrestling event in the last couple of years, I have no doubt you’ve come across more than one of their shirts.  Another witty, somtiemes sarcastic wrestling shirt site, they’ve come up with such gems as “Bros before Hoooooooos”, “I’m Shawn, You’re Marty”, and the Million Dollar Man t-shirt tuxedo, you’re sure to find something you like on their site.  They also have a podcast called “Talking Shop” which you can find on iTunes.  www.BarberShopWindow.com

6. @WWECreative_ish – One of the better wrestling humor accounts, they give their take on current WWE talent and storylines, with a bit (that might be an understatement) of a sarcastic twist.  You can also follow their “competitive” counterpart @TNACreative.  The latter being terribly ironic, since we all know there’s not too many creative things about TNA.

5. Speaking of the WWE Creative team, why not follow the real thing?  Thanks to Dave Lagana’s #IWantWrestling movement in 2011, we were introduced to the people we knew existed, but had never really heard speak.  His IWantWrestling podcast introduced us to the world of the WWE Creative team.  Each week he’d have a different former writer on, and it really changed the landscape of how the IWC views wrestling.  We were given a glimpse into a Vince McMahon booking meeting, and an idea of how “glamorous” that job can really be.  These guys have since moved on and now run art galleries, and have earned writing/producing credits for Lifetime movies, VH1, Big Brother, toured with Mick Foley on his stand-up tour and more. @JensenClan88, @AngeGold, @JohnAsHimself, @alexdgreenfield, @theJohnCarle, @SethMates, @JenBloods @CourtBauer @BrianMaxMann (you might hear from more than one of these people again)

4. @CrankyVince – The bio of Crank Vince really says it all. “Sports Entertainment Oracle. Mild Parody. Not affiliated with WWE®. FUCK YOU.”  Mild parody is the key word here.  From all observations of this account, from those in the know, this isn’t a complete mockery.  The spot-on mimicking of some of Vince’s general mannerisms (in the verbal sense) have many of those same people wondering who, within the company, is running the account.  @MSLUniverse of the MLW podcast has researched this pretty extensively and is convinced that the culprit is @JCLayfield.  Whether it is or it isn’t, there are surely some gems coming from this account throughout the week.  FUCK YOU.

3. @ColtCabana – Not everyone may know Colt Cabana, but we’ve all heard the name.  That fateful day in July when @CMPunk (ok, you should follow him) sat crosslegged on the ramp, he worked in the words “Hey, Colt Cabana!”  Cabana is a friend of Punk’s who trained with him under Ace Steele and Danny Dominion.  They both broke through in ROH, and both were eventually signed to the WWE.  Cabana was given the character of Scotty Goldman, who had a handful of appearances, mostly on Smackdown.  He also had a short-lived show on WWE.com. He now tours the world, both working indies and doing workshops for fellow wrestlers.  What he’s most known for these days however is his Art of Wrestling podcast.  Each week he talks with a member of the wrestling community, in a truly one of a kind environment.  These aren’t interviews, or shoots, as Colt describes it each week “it’s an entryway into the minds, the souls, the hearts, and the lives of people involved in the world of professional wrestling.”  Past guests have included legends like Ted DiBiase and Jake Roberts, up-and-comers like Seth Rollins, and indy favorites such as Kevin Steen and the Briscoe Brothers.  Colt has plenty of irons in the internet fire, including a YouTube series with comedian @MartyDerosa called “Worst Promo Ever“.  You can help support him by visiting ColtMerch.table at your local indy show, or at ColtMerch.com.  You can also check out some animated Art of Wrestling videos from the very talented @Wrestling_Is on YouTube here.

1a. @MLW – I couldn’t pick a clear cut #1 between these last two, so we’re gonna go with the 1 & 1a route.  In 2002, @CourtBauer founded Major League Wrestling.  It was an indy promotion based out of Orlando, FL which through the 2 years of it’s existence included appearances by CM Punk, Sandman, Sabu, Jerry Lawler, Terry Funk, Mike Awesome, Masato Tanaka, Norman Smiley, and La Parka.  It closed it’s doors in 2004, which led to Bauer doing a stint as a member of the WWE Creative Team which ended in 2007.  In 2011, Bauer re-introduced MLW as a digital project, consisting of a website and a podcast.  In 2012, indy worker (and roommate to the Living Legend Larry Zbyszko) Mister Saint-Laurent (@MSLUniverse)  joined on as a co-host.  Later that year Konnan (@Konnan5150) was brought on to host his own show, which was later absorbed into the original podcast, joining Bauer and MSL.  Every Sunday they release a new episode, consisting of conversations about the world of pro-wrestling and MMA, but also cover political issues, current events, and TV/movies.  Occasionally they will bring guests on, with past guests including Ultimate Warrior, Robert Flores from ESPN, Mick Foley, and Chris Jericho.  Bauer also does a weekly podcast with John Pollock from The LAW (remember those names), a wrestling/MMA radio show in Canada.  You can check out their website at MLW.com and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.  You can also watch them make friendly pokes at MSL on the parody account for the man from Compton, Quebec at @TBoltGinger.


1. @LAWRadio – I was introduced to The Law through a series of podcasts that @iamjohnpollock and @wai0937  do called Review-A-Wai.  In these podcasts, they take an older PPV, a documentary, or at times even a wrestling related porno (yes it is as weird as it sounds) and view them through 2013 eyes.  This show spurned the Review-a-RAW and Review-an-Impact podcasts, and all three are required listening each week.  Most weeks I don’t even bother watching Impact, and instead rely on their review to keep apprised on the goings-on of TNA.  Each podcast has a level of sarcasm at times, not shying away from calling either organization on a failed segment/match.  Their flagship show The LAW airs on Sunday nights in Canada, as well as on SIRIUS radio.  @AgnewJason and Dan “The Mouth” Lovranski hosts with Pollock producing and doing the news segments, and Wai Ting contributes from time to time as well.  @DaveMeltzerWON is featured weekly, as well as an always entertaining Title Belt Trivia segment.

I saved you from the shameless plug to follow myself, but you can in fact follow me on Twitter at @RebookTheFinish to see my latest blogs as well as my random thoughts on the world of professional wrestling.

Now you tell me, who are your favorite accounts?  Did I miss someone?  Is there someone out there I’m not even aware of?  Should I be following you? Let me know in the comments section!