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We all know the graphic.  Weekly we’re all subjected to WWE’s factoids, touting their accomplishments, and the popularity of their brand.

Last week on SmackDown there was a little more obvious slap in the face to the loyal member of the “WWE Universe”.  It was stated that via the Nielsen DVD sales numbers, that the WWE had 8 of the top 10 top selling DVDs for the prior week.  Now, this is completely possible, I wouldn’t doubt that there’s many weeks where this is 100% true.  However, what followed was where I found fault.  The top selling DVD for the week prior, was “Greatest Superstars of the ’90s”, a DVD that was released in 2009.  So, somehow a DVD that isn’t even available in most retail establishments, and is currently listed on Amazon for $4.99, was the #1 selling sports DVD in 2013.  Right.

There are many of these “facts” which are hard to prove or disprove either way.  A couple of weeks ago, it was touted (yes, I’m using this word on purpose) that the WWE magazine boasts more readers per issue than a number of popular magazines, including ESPN and Maxim.  What does this mean?  They obviously don’t have nearly the same number of subscribers.  I would guess 90% of their subscribers are under the age of 15, so are they considering every member of the household as a reader of each issue?  Does each subscriber share the magazine with an average number of his friends?  Either way it wasn’t something that could be completely rationalized or proven.

So, I took to the interwebs in order to find some WWE math to debunk.  Unfortunately, and probably by design, WWE doesn’t keep any record of these.  I was able to find a collection of entries in the Monday Night Raw archives on TV.com though.  Most of these come from 2010-2011, so a some of this will be based on more current numbers available, but I think the point will still come across.

WWE: Did You Know? WWE has more twitter followers than Disney, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Microsoft, Nickelodeon and McDonald’s. (June 13th, 2011)

On the surface this seems like a feasible claim.  The @WWE account does actually boast more followers than each of those main accounts in 2013.  @WWE boasts 3,155,222 followers.  The closest competitor is @Disney with 2,306,743 followers.

Where it gets creative is when you encompass each entity as an entire brand.  I verified the “birthdate” of these accounts tracing back to 2011 using http://www.twbirthday.com to give some sort of credence to these numbers.

Disney also has accounts for @DisneyPixar (2,887,610), @DisneyPictures (1,007,033), @WaltDisneyWorld (746,403), @Disneyland (328,746), and @DisneyParks (453,089).  This brings Disney’s “main accounts” to a grand total of 7,729,624.

The main accounts that I could find/remember for WWE going back to 2011 that I could find were @WWE, @WWEUniverse (1,449,696), and @WWEGames (314,486).  This would bring WWE’s grand total to 4,919,404.

The next logical question would of course be, what about the WWE superstars?  Presently there are six WWE superstars with more than a million followers on Twitter. @TheRock, @JohnCena, @RandyOrton, @ZachRyder, @MikeTheMiz, and @CMPunk.  Not being able to retroactively see how many followers each had, lets assume that both The Rock and John Cena were over a million.  Zach Ryder wasn’t even ON Twitter in 2011, The Miz just recently crossed into 7 figures, as well as CM Punk.  Seems respectable.

However, if we’re going to allow the WWE superstars personal accounts, it’s only fair we use the same for Disney right?  Thanks to some Google searches that I made sure to delete from my history (not THOSE kinds of searches), and http://www.imdb.com I was able to pinpoint some Disney stars from 2011.  Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez.  I only chose three, you’ll see why.  @MileyCyrus boasts a cool 12,915,252 followers.  Boom.  @SelenaGomez trumps that with 15,987,857.  @ddlovato notches the top spot with 16,169,511.  I’m not even gonna bother with the exact math there, but those three combined come in over 45 MILLION followers.  Even with the two year inflation, it’s safe to say the entire WWE roster couldn’t boast half of that, even with the WWE accounts added in.

WWE: Did You Know?: Visitors spend more time per visit on WWEUNIVERSE.COM than Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. 

I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on this one.  I did find some Nielsen statistics from September 2011 (http://www.nielsen.com/us/en/newswire/2011/september-2011-top-us-web-brands.html) which compiled stats for the entire month.

Facebook is the only site we’re going to focus on here.  The stats that I found had FaceBook compiling 155,061,000 during the month, with an average user time for the month of 7:24:26.  This averages out to 15 minutes per day per user.  That’s all the math I’m going to share for this one.  We ALL know people that log on to FaceBook when they sit down in their office, and proceed to log out 5 minutes before they leave.  Do any of us know ANYONE who’s logging 8 hours on WWE.com?  Sure it’s easy to get lost on the site from time to time.  But an hour?  Maybe 2?  During that time there’s a dozen people you know who still haven’t logged out of FaceBook.

Those were the couple that stood out that I came across in my travels.  Keep in mind, I did spend way too much time on this post, but at the same time I’m not taking it all TOO seriously.  Sure the whole thing is a work, but they should probably put a little more thought into their numbers and accomplishments they want to brag about.  Did I miss anything?  Any other Did You Knows that you’d like to see debunked? Or anything you’ve debunked yourself?  Let’s hear it, leave a comment!