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This Monday on RAW, we found out that Dean Ambrose is getting a shot at the US Title currently held by Kofi Kingston. I still firmly believe that Kofi is keeping that title warm for Fandango, and that combined with rumors of Taker possibly working SummerSlam this year has the wheels turning in my head.  I think this is a perfect opportunity to start the Taker program and here’s how I would do it.

Obviously, Taker is not going to work even a handful of dates leading into Summerslam.  I, personally, would guess that he maybe works the go-home show and the two weeks before, with possibly a random date thrown in somewhere along the way.  That’s the beauty of the mystique of The Undertaker though.  As I will lay out, there’s plenty of little tricks you can pull from the old school Taker bag of tricks, that wouldn’t even necessitate him being in attendance.

Here goes nothing.

May 19th:  Extreme Rules – Kofi Kingston vs. Dean Ambrose (US Title Match)

The Shield all come to the ring in typical fashion for this US Title match.  Near the beginning of the match, Rollins is caught tripping Kofi Kingston as he comes off the ropes and Rollins/Reigns are banned from ringside.  Kofi and Ambrose then have a highly competitive match.  Ambrose uses some nefarious means to gain the advantage late, gets Kofi set-up for his finisher……. then they hit the lights.  Lightening flashes on the Titan Tron then the lights come back up, Ambrose is beside himself, looking left and right, before looking behind him, where Kofi Kingston is standing.  Kofi hits the Trouble In Paradise and scores the pinfall 1-2-3.

Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan/Kane) vs. The Shield (Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns) – Tornado Tag Team Title Match

Rollins and Reigns win after interference from Ambrose to win the Tag Team Titles.

May 20th RAW:  The Shield (c) vs. Team Hell No – Tag Team Title Match

In a backstage segment showed earlier in the night, The Shield declare that they are one unit, not simply a tag team, and declaring that in not so many words they are instituting “Freebird Rules”.  Tonight it will be Ambrose and Reigns face Team Hell No.  In the match, as Ambrose and Bryan fight on the outside, Reigns hits a spear on Kane off the apron, sending him to the floor.  Ambrose and Bryan eventually battle back into the ring, with Bryan looking for the hot tag, with Kane nowhere to be found.  Ambrose gets the roll-up and retains the titles for The Shield.  Post-match Bryan is taken out with a chair, and Kane gets the triple-powerbomb through the announce table.  Kane is stretchered out to the back, and as he hits the top of the ramp, with The Shield celebrating in the ring, the Kane pyro goes off from the four ringposts, leaving The Shield visibly shaken.

May 27th:  RAW Seth Rollins vs. Kofi Kingston (non-title match)

Rollins and Kingston go about 6 minutes before Daniel Bryan runs down, attacking Rollins.The Shield run in, but Bryan escapes before any real damage is done.

June 3rd:  RAW Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston (US Title Match)

Bryan and Kofi have a competitive match until The Shield come down, this time Bryan sliding out of the ring and watching as The Shield attack Kofi.  Landing the triple-powerbomb in the middle of the ring as he slowly walks down the ramp.

June 10th:  RAW  Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan

The Shield comes to ringside as normal.   Bryan and Reigns lock up, Bryan escapes, looks around and walks away.  Leaving Reigns to get the countout victory.

June 16th:  Payback Daniel Bryan/Kofi Kingston vs. The Shield (Rollin/Reigns) Tag Team Title Match

Fast paced match with Ambrose at ringside.  At one point all three members of The Shield corner Daniel Bryan and stomp him out.   Kofi attempts an over the top rope plancha but misses, Rollins then rolls him in the ring and Bryan again walks down the ramp as they pin Kofi Kingston.

June 17th:  RAW  Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston (US TItle Match)

A solid back and forth match through the first few minutes.  Then The Shield’s music hits.  Daniel Bryan applies the No-lock and seconds before Kofi is about to tap, The Shield attacks again.  Daniel Bryan whips Seth Rollins into the ropes, as he comes off Bryan teases the No-lock again, but he breaks it and exits the ring, leaving Kofi to fend off all three of The Shield.

June 21st:  Smackdown Dean Ambrose vs. Kofi Kingston (non-title)

Ambrose and Kofi have a very back and forth match with little interference from The Shield. Eventually Ambrose gains the upper hand, hits his finisher, and as he goes for the pin the lights go out.  Kane’s pyro hits from the four corners and The Shield go scrambling through the crowd.

To be continued……